Reserved word

Usage               Description
end                 End the program.

run p1              Discard the currently executing program, read the file p1,
                     and execute it.

goto p1             Jump to label p1.

gosub p1            Jump to label p1 of the subroutine.

return              Return from the subroutine.

repeat p1           Repeats the range enclosed by repeat-loop.

loop                End instruction of iterative processing.

continue            It returns to the repeat command while repeating processing.

break               Exit from iterative processing.

if p1               If condition p1 is satisfied, the subsequent instructions of
                     that line are executed.

else                When the if condition is not satisfied, else instruction
                     and after are executed.

dim p1,p2           Create an array variable (integer) with variable name p1
                     and array number p2.

ddim p1,p2          Create an array variable (real number) with variable name
                     p1 and array number p2.

sdim p1,p2,p3       Create a string type array variable with variable name p1,
                     number of characters p2, number of array p3.

font p1,p2,p3       Specify the font. p1 is the TTF filename, p2 is the font size,
                     and p3 is the smoothing specification (0 or 16).

mes p1              Display the character string p1 on the screen.

picload p1          Read the image file p1 and display it on the screen.

input p1,p2,p3      Get key input value.
                     p1: Variable name to store the input value.
                     p2: Maximum number of characters assigned to variable.
                     p3: Line feed code recognition flag (0=none, 1=LF, 2=CR+LF).

beep p1,p2,p3,p4    p1 is the frequency, p2 is the playback length(ms),
                     p3 is the waveform type,
                     p4 is the volume (0 to 30000) and sounds.

                     [Type of waveform (Default:2)]
                     0:Sine wave    1:sawtooth wave    2:Square wave
                     3:Triangular wave    4:White noise

bload p1,p2         Read contents of filename p1 into character type variable p2.

bsave p1,p2         Save the contents of character type variable p2
                     as filename p1.

poke p1,p2,p3       Write byte value p3 to p2 byte of character type variable p1.

wait p1             Wait for p1 milliseconds.

stop                Wait until the window is closed with [x] button.

title p1            Display character string p1 in title bar.

pset p1,p2          Draw a dot on the coordinates (p1,p2).

line p1,p2,p3,p4    Draw a line from coordinates (p1,p2) to (p3,p4).

boxf p1,p2,p3,p4    Fill rectangle from coordinates (p1,p2) to (p3,p4).

circle p1,p2,p3,p4  Draws a circle that fits within the rectangle from
                     coordinates (p1,p2) to (p3,p4).

paint p1,p2         Fill the closed region containing the coordinates (p1,p2)
                     with the current color.

redraw p1           Set the redraw switch to ON (1) or OFF (0). 

pos p1,p2           Set the coordinates (p1,p2) to the current position.

color p1,p2,p3      Set the RGB color (p1,p2,p3) as the current color.

stick p1            Store key information in numeric variable p1.

                    [Key information]
                       1  Cursor left            2  Cursor up
                       4  Cursor right           8  Cursor down
                      16  Space                 32  Enter
                      64  Ctrl                 128  ESC
                     256  Left mouse button    512  Right mouse button
                    1024  TAB

Usage           Description
int(p1)         Return p1 as an integer value.
double(p1)      Return p1 as a real number (double precision floating point).
abs(p1)         Return p1 as absolute value.
str(p1)         Return p1 as a string.
rnd(p1)         Returns a random number from 0 to p1-1.
powf(p1,p2)     Returns the result of p1 raised to the power of p2.
peek(p1,p2)     Get the byte value of p2 byte of character type variable p1.

System variables
Name              Description
stat              Status (integer) after instruction or function execution stored.
refdval           The real type return value is stored in refdval.
refstr            String type return value is stored.
cnt               Counter value of repeat-loop.
strsize           The number of bytes of the file read by the bload is stored.
mousex            X coordinate of mouse cursor.
mousey            Y coordinate of mouse cursor.
mousel            1 if the left mouse button is pressed, 0 if not pressed.
mouser            1 if the right mouse button is pressed, 0 if not pressed.


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