--- Update July.30.2017 ---

HSP program contest 2017

Programs created with CuteHSP can also be submitted.
Please do challenge by all means!

--- Update June.22.2017 ---
CuteHSP for Raspberry Pi 3

I purchased RasPi3 and tried it.
The program runs fast enough. (GL Driver is in the OFF state)

Raspbian image file with CuteHSP and Geany set up

--- Update June.9.2017 ---
Publication book with CuteHSP

Next, I would like to make a CuteHSP program posting magazine.
I would be happy if you send an interesting program to us.
Provide the program source and manuscript as shown in the format below.
We will send you a book upon completion.

1. Title

2. Description

3. Operation

4. Source list (Please detailed comments)
   Attach a text file of UTF-8.

5. Variable description

Send to

--- Update June.6.2017 ---
The console version described by the standard C source could also be built on Android.
However, this is an experimental attempt.

cutehspcl android version


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