Language Specification

Assignment to variable a=12 ;Assign integer b=12.3 ;Assign real number c="message" ;Assign a string
Arithmetic operators a=10+4 ;Addition b=12.8-6.3 ;Subtraction c=9*4 ;Multiplication d=8/2 ;Division e=15\7 ;Remainder
Comparison operators 12>5 12 is greater than 5 12>=5 12 is greater than or equal to 5 12<5 12 is less than 5 12<=5 12 is less than or equal to 5 12=5 12 is equal to 5 12!5 12 is not equal to 5
Logical operators 12&5 AND 12|5 OR Annotation description If you write a ";" (semicolon), subsequent statements will not be executed. pos 30,20 ;This part will not be executed.
Colon Multiple instructions can be described on one line by using ":" (colon). pos 50,100:mes "Coordinate specification and character display."
Label You can use labels as jump destinations for goto or gosub instructions. Label name is "*" (asterisk) followed by an arbitrary name with alphanumeric characters. gosub *la001 stop *la001 mes "Sub Routine" return


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